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Welcome to PaidforPoker.com - where players get paid to play one of the most exciting games on the planet and at their favorite online poker rooms. There are no complicated prop rules to follow and our programs cater to players from all levels.

Whether you are a high volume grinder or a recreational weekend player, extra chips earned from rakeback deals can add to your bottom line and decrease the variance in your bankroll.

Traditional VIP programs generally pay pennies compared to rakeback offers in our members area. Even more appealing, almost all of our programs work in conjunction with the traditional VIP and bonus offers, so that you are earning BOTH poker room promotions and rakeback at the same time. No need to give up bonuses and VIP store benefits. Your rakeback payments are an additional incentive.

Ready to stop bleeding chips to the house rake? Join us! It takes less than two minutes to register, and best of all, it is FREE.

Clock in. Earn Chips. PaidForPoker.Com!

Poker Site Rakeback Rate Network Signup Bonus US Friendly?
Full Tilt Poker 27% Independent 100% up to $600
Absolute Poker 30% Cereus 100% up to $500
Ultimate Bet 30% Cereus 111% up to $1,100
Cake Poker 33% Cake Network 110% up to $600
Minted Poker 40% Everleaf 100% up to $400
Carbon Poker 35% MergeGaming 100% up to $600
PKR Poker 30% Independent 100% up to $800
Doyles Room 33% Yatahay Poker 110% up to $550